make; made it!

On 9 July make; coffee finished a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and reached the target with £770 to spare. Two weeks later all of the pledges had been collected.. and once the fees had been paid, on 25 July make; coffee received the funds to pay for the van conversion. 

As the work had already been done and the van was ready to go, no time was wasted and it was delivered on the same day. I was returning home with my good friends Jonny and Alice, just after we had completed some further barista training at the roastery. And there we saw the little Piaggio being wheeled out of a big white van having arrived that evening from Newcastle.

I felt totally exhausted but extremely happy and the work which has been done is really beautiful. It was too late for coffee but we celebrated by making frothy hot chocolates in the dark!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already been a part of this. More news - and pictures -will follow shortly. For now I'm busy practicing with the new equipment and updating my budget with the final costs.

The make; coffee launch date is now set for Monday 11 August 2014 and I really can't wait!

Olivia AbbattComment