Brighton Gin Hand Sanitiser, 25ml Refillable Glass Spray Bottle


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This smells and feels absolutely amazing! Made in Brighton with local gin grain and AS Apothecary essential oils. Gentle on your skin and delightful for your senses. Mint, rosemary and altogether wonderfully aromatic. Also this comes with a great story - of an innovative UK business adapting in the face of the pandemic and even contributing to charity at the same time. It will make you feel great in every way!

For every one bottle we sell, Brighton Gin donate two to key workers/charity organisations and so forth as part of their 'Spray it forward' initiative.

Made from Brighton Gin essence (the concentrated, super aromatic, high ABV form of Brighton Gin) mixes with mint and rosemary essential oils (courtesy of Amanda Saurin of AS Apothecary) and mixed, bottled, labelled and capped at the Gin Cave/Brighton Gin HQ in, you've guessed it, Brighton