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Orders of Good Things placed by Monday 21st December will be delivered, by courier, before Christmas. Thank you for ordering with us!

The Coffee, Chocolate and Cantuccini Good Things Box!

This lovely box is perfect for the best secret santa gift ever...! for you to enjoy over the Christmas holiday, or for anyone you love - to add lots of happy moments to their Christmas season. Contains two extremely tasty coffees from our main supplier, the incredible Climpsons and Sons, alongside two speciality chocolate tasting bars in beautiful packaging, two 'gold ingot' giandutto praline chocolates and finally the classic Italian coffee accompaniment: Cantuccini. These twice baked almond biscuits are made in Italy and have the perfect texture and bite to be enjoyed alongside these great coffees. This box will create many happy and flavoursome moments for you, a friend or a loved one to enjoy. 

250g of Climpson and Sons coffee, 'The Baron', Origin: Brazil, Daterra Estate. Tasting Notes Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Marzipan. Process: Pulped Natural. 

250g of Climpson and Sons coffee, 'The Broadway Blend'. Origin - changes seasonally.

And to be savoured alongside the delicious coffees -the two small chocolate bars made in London, by Rococo Chocolates: milk chocolate with sea salt and dark chocolate with earl grey tea, two Giandutto 'gold ingot' wrapped chocolates and a pretty bag of almond Cantuccini, made in Italy by Sapori 1832. 

[Please note that depending on availability, items may be substituted for others of equivalent deliciousness.]

About the Producers

Climpson and Sons source and roast the best speciality coffees in the world. They trade directly with farms and smallholders (fairer than fair trade), and roast with sustainability in mind, at their North London base. We are proud to have made and sold Climpson and Sons coffee at our carts and bars since 2014. They are pioneers of London's third wave coffee scene and all-round great people. Enjoy an exceptional coffee!

Rococo Chocolates have been making British chocolate for over thirty-five years. Their rich heritage and expertise has enabled us to bring tastes and experiences to our customers for the first time. They believe in setting trends, not following them. They pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable practices and use only the finest ingredients in their luxury chocolates.

The Sapori 1832 journey started thanks to Virgilio Sapori, a well-known Tuscan apothecary, who imagined his workshop as the ideal location for launching a real workshop of taste. 

Today, just like back in the beginning, Sapori 1832 still combine the finest raw materials with the same Tuscan passion and expertise in the constant pursuit of excellence.

Good Things Boxes

It's a box of good things! A minimal, stylish, recyclable alternative to a hamper, full of delicious products from independent companies making the best quality things at a small scale.

A perfect gift for someone you love, or a treat to savour. 

This is the Coffee, Chocolate & Cantuccini Good Things Box. There are also Good Things Boxes for those who want to taste and learn about a range of speciality coffees, or those who might want to try out a range of hot (spicy) things, or feast on sweeter things or fabulous Christmas foods.   

Order now for December delivery before Christmas

Good Things Boxes will be delivered in the week beginning 13th December 2021, by courier. Place your order now to receive a GTB then.  

You can choose if you'd like your box wrapped (easy to send as a gift!) or unwrapped (easy to rip open and enjoy when you receive it!).  

Every order means a lot to our business too - as it recovers from various closures in 2020. So not only will you be sending amazing and beautifully presented, eco friendly presents to your loved ones - you will also be supporting our independent UK business in recovery from the effects of the pandemic. 

Good things brighten days, bring joy to the kitchen, and delight taste buds. You choose your theme: sweet, savoury, hot and spicy, coffee tasting or a mix of all. Send one to a household or each member of a family - there's a theme to suit everyone.