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We've had this jaw-droppingly good coffee on as a batch filter at Kiosk 1 and it is absolutely lush. Highly recommend. 

NB it's beautiful as filter but worth a try on other methods too (we tried it as espresso and loved it), it is delicious in all contexts. 

Here are the details direct from the roastery, Climpson and Sons:

A Single Origin from Costa Rica

Finca San Isidro has been in the Ruiz family for four generations with Enersto Ruiz now continuing the legacy of innovative and delicious coffee production. Rich, dense and sticky sweet we think this makes the perfect filter option for those cooler autumn mornings.

Flavour Profile

Cherry, Prune, Treacle

San Isidro, Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Central Valley


Caturra & Catuai


1,350 masl



The Story

In modernising the farms operations the Ruiz family is also adapting to new challenges with the age of their coffee trees, leaf rust and climate change all in mind. This has led to a cycle of regeneration over the last 4 years with new trees and modern varieties planted in an effort to improve and study productivity with World Coffee Research and ICAFE (Costa Rica’s Coffee Institute).

The Details

This process makes for a unique comparison of varieties and processing methods with each section of the farm cultivated and processed separately. In this case, we have received a tasty selection of Caturra & Catuai, naturally processed at the nearby Benefico La Eva mill.

On delivery the cherry is heaped in mounds to pre-ferment for 24 hours before being moved to greenhouses for an initial drying. This helps the coffee gradually step down in humidity before drying on sunny patios for 3 weeks. Back on the farm, the family have been planting more diverse fruit trees and improving local water management to replenish the soil and feed their workforce. It is no doubt that this attention to detail leads to such distinctive and clean coffees.