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We are now taking preorders for Christmas deliveries. Orders placed by Monday 21st December will be delivered, by courier, before Christmas. Thank you for ordering with us!

Good Things Boxes

It's a box of good things! 

A minimal, stylish, recyclable alternative to a hamper, full of delicious products from independent companies making the best quality things at a small scale.

A perfect gift for someone you love, or a treat to savour. 

This is the Coffee Tasting Good Things Box. There are also Good Things Boxes for those who want to try out a range of hot (spicy) things, or feast on sweeter things or fabulous Christmas foods.   

The Coffee Tasting Good Things Box!

Contains a range of extremely tasty coffees from our main supplier, the incredible Climpsons and Sons, and an exciting guest roastery local to Kiosk 1, 15grams:

250g of Climpson and Sons coffee, 'The Baron', Origin: Brazil, Daterra Estate. Tasting Notes Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Marzipan. Process: Pulped Natural. 

250g of Climpson and Sons coffee, 'The Broadway Blend'. Origin - changes seasonally.

250g of Climpson and Sons coffee, Single origin from Costa Rica - light roast, delicious as either cafetière or filter.

250g of 15grams coffee, 'Wanjegi'. Origin - Kenya. Prices: Washed. Bright, clean and brewed for filter. Tasting notes: Rhubarb, Raspberry, Lemonade.

Tasting notes and tips for getting the best from your coffee.

Finally, to be savoured alongside the delicious coffees, a few Classic Vergani Gianduiotti. Gianduiotto is chocolate originally from Piedmont, shaped as ingots. Smooth and silky milk chocolates, with a hazelnut after taste. A traditional treat that has been around for many years, and typical to be shared at Christmas time. Individually wrapped in a gold foil.

[Please note that depending on availability, items may be substituted for others of equivalent deliciousness.]

About the Producer

Climpson and Sons source and roast the best speciality coffees in the world. They trade directly with farms and smallholders (fairer than fair trade), and roast with sustainability in mind, at their North London base. We are proud to have made and sold Climpson and Sons coffee at our carts and bars since 2014. They are pioneers of London's third wave coffee scene and all-round great people. Enjoy an exceptional coffee!

15grams roast delightful, ethically-sourced speciality coffee in Greenwich! They are a small-batch roaster on a mission to produce great coffee that creates a positive impact on people's lives. 

Preorder now for December delivery

The first tranche of Good Things Boxes will be delivered in the week beginning 13th December 2021, by courier. Place your order now to receive a GTB then.  

You can choose if you'd like your box wrapped (easy to send as a gift!) or unwrapped (easy to rip open and enjoy when you receive it!).  

Every order means a lot to our business too - as it recovers from various closures in 2020. So not only will you be sending amazing and beautifully presented, eco friendly presents to your loved ones - you will also be supporting our independent UK business in recovery from the effects of the pandemic. Having tested the boxes in a successful match-funding campaign sponsored by the Mayor of London as a response to the third lockdown, we have now perfected them in time to make joyful, interesting and beautiful gifts this Christmas. 

More details about Good Things Boxes

Good things brighten days, bring joy to the kitchen, and delight taste buds. You choose your theme: sweet, savoury, hot and spicy, coffee tasting or a mix of all. Send one to a household or each member of a family - there's a theme to suit everyone. 

At MAKEMAKECOFFEE it's our mission to bring you the most amazing produce from independent roasteries, farms, dairies, chefs, artists and makers. Our Good Things Boxes are themed selections of the incredible products we've curated for the shelves of our Good Things Store. So, they're like traditional hampers, but better. With no excess packaging or waste, they are minimal and striking in smart and simple black boxes, with modern, festive dashes of red, which lets the wonderful products stand out. The products are all from the most exciting specialist producers, and both delicious and useful. All packaging is plastic-free, and the produce nestles in a beautiful wood-wool nest, which makes exceptional kindling to light a cosy Christmas fire... if you have one (or just biodegrade)! 

This is a wonderful gift for your friends or family or even a collection of very enjoyable - and useful - treats for yourself. Why not grab a box of good things to eat and enjoy this Christmas!