Panettone Bonifanti Pistachio 850g


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In addition to the best selected flours, first choice butter and fresh eggs, we find inside, a creamy pistachio cream filling with almond fragrance and orange blossoms; covered with a cocoa glaze and decorated with white chocolate flakes.



At the foot of Mount Viso, where there is fresh air and pure water, since 1932 Bonifanti has been producing Panettoni and Colombe following traditional recipes, choosing the best ingredients and using only and exclusively the Bonifanti natural mother sourdough.

It is a living mixture refreshed every day made up of water, flour and a precious microfloraof stabilized yeasts and lactic bacteria. Other types of yeasts, although natural such as brewer's yeast, would speed up the production processes but to the detriment of the overall quality of the cake.

From the very beginning Bonifanti made a difficult, and at the same time extraordinary, choice. Manage a much longer and more complex production process that respects the natural times of slow fermentation using only pure and natural ingredients, not contaminated by preservatives or additives that would modify the delicate environment  in which these sensitive microorganisms live.
The final product obtained is more aromaticand tasty. From a compositional point of view it is softer and more digestible. In Bonifanti there is only one interest: produce a quality product.